TruTrade is a social enterprise providing smallholder farmers with a reliable route to market and fair prices for their produce.

Our mission is to create transparent, efficient and commercially viable village agent sourcing networks to supply local, regional and international buyers with high quality and traceable produce.

TruTrade's Trade Transparency Service (TTS) formalizes value chain transactions and improves efficiency, so that rural agricultural markets work better.

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have a direct link to markets and get better prices


have a business opportunity and can earn commission


get a reliable and traceable source of good quality produce

Our Services


We have an online and mobile enabled trading and payment platform for collaborative supply chain management. This allows for the capture of all costs, analysis of transaction viability and price setting; registration of farmers and triggering payments; and tracking of produce from collection to delivery. The development of our technology platform and digital trading records is opening up significant new possibilities for farmer and business credentialing and to give global commodity buyers the ability to connect to their smallholder farmer suppliers.

Network of village agents

We have a rapidly growing network of Sourcing Coordinators and Agents across Uganda and Kenya. A Sourcing Coordinator starts with 10 agents who each source from 30-50 farmers. The network grows to include more agents and reach more farmers each year. In this way TruTrade brings together the ‘supply power’ of thousands of smalholder farmers, to engage directly with volume buyers and benefit from economies of scale.

Trade Finance

TruTrade provides trade finance so that farmers can be paid ‘Cash-on-the-Bag’ as they hand over produce at the collection point. Our trade finance covers transaction costs including packaging, handling, storage, transport, taxes and any value addition services up to delivery to final buyer. When the buyer pays TruTrade the fund is replenished. ​

How We Work

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    We start with a simple value chain analysis, so we understand the market demand and supply for a commodity. We use our platform to check out the commercial viability and social impact of potential transactions.

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    Agree deal

    Next we negotiate supply contracts or Local Purchase Orders (LPOs) with buyers. Agent deals which break-even can now be approved on our platform.

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    Start Sourcing

    Agents display the price. Farmers bring produce to a collection point, the agent checks quality, weighs and then triggers a payment directly from TruTrade to the farmer’s mobile.

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    Aggregate and deliver

    TruTrade manage the aggregation from different agents, transaction logistics and delivery to the final buyer.

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    Pay Commissions

    TruTrade and agents earn a commission linked to the price farmers are paid for produce. This provides as incentive to maximize farmer income.

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    Close deal

    After buyer payment is received all figure are finalized. If there is any profit it is shared equally between farmers and TruTrade at the end of the season.



White sorghum, Millet, Rice and Maize




Soyabean, Sesame, Groundnut, Chia

Root Crops


Tree Crops

Avocado, Cashew nut, Macadamia nut



Our Clients

Our Impact

TruTrade provides an alternative to the buy-low-sell-high trading practice common in agricultural value chains in Africa. We:

  • Increase smallholder farmer incomes and build their confidence to invest in production.

  • Create rural employment opportunities, in particular for youth as village agents.

  • Enable agribusinesses to source sustainably.

Our Team

TruTrade has an ambitious and experienced leadership team, bringing together expertise in supply chain management, finance and social business.

Our dynamic Operations team is growing rapidly with Area Supervisors across Kenya and Uganda and a responsive back office staff supporting transactions, managing supplier relationships and developing new business opportunities.

Our Development Partners