B Corporation Certification For TruTrade

B Corp Certification Logo

TruTrade are delighted to have been recently certified as a B Corporation, part of the first East Africa cohort. This is valued recognition that we are a ‘business for good’ – something that we strive for every day as we support smallholder farmers with a reliable route to market, and fair prices for their produce.

A B Corporation certification is prestigious  – it goes beyond the product or service level. It’s the only certification that measures a company’s entire societal and environmental performance. Being B-Corp certified proves that a business is meeting the highest standards.

“We are proud to have achieved B Corp certification. It is external recognition that our business model creates social impact and that we have the structures and systems in place to deliver on it. We look forward to connecting with the B-corp community and other certified companies to explore how we can work together, to create synergies and to harness the power of business for positive change in the world” said TruTrade CEO Jenny Rafanomezana.

Transparency is central to everything we do at TruTrade, and this is also reflected in the B Corp criteria – positive impact is supported by transparency and accountability.

B Corps inspires a race to the top – creating performance standards and legal structures being used by thousands of other businesses around the world.

TruTrade are pleased to join the community of Certified B Corporations all over the world.

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